What is the Difference Between POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Modes?

Positive and negative mode lcds

LCD Screens are available in two options. Positive mode (dark letters on a light colored background) and negative mode (light colored letters on a darker background).

Positive mode is still more popular than negative mode, but negative mode is gaining ground and with the release of a new type of fluid technology called UWVD. UWVD is also known by BTN LCD screens. We believe that negative mode option will become even more popular as UWVD LCD technology moves into the main stream of LCD screens.

Negative mode LCD screens must have the backlight on to make the characters visible. This is true no matter if the display technology is TFT (Thin film transistor liquid crystal display), OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), UWVD or monochrome. Backlights require much more power than the LCD modules. In fact, many times the backlight for the LCD screen display will require more power than all the other components combined.

The example below is a good illustration between positive and negative modes:


LCD’s in “positive mode” have dark colored letters on a light background.


LCD‘s in “negative mode” have light colored letters on a dark background.

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