​What is the tooling cost for a custom Segment LCD?

Even though segment LCDs are one of the oldest display technologies, their popularity has held steady as the LCD of choice for new product designs. Custom segment LCDs are no exception. Nearly every segment LCD is custom designed to meet your requirements.

Focus Display Solutions offers several LCD technologies. The majority of these displays can be customized to fit your need. Segment LCDs, AKA static LCDs or glass LCDs are easily identified by their fixed graphics and calculator like digits. This is one of the first LCD technologies created and is still one of the most popular due to the low piece price and low price of customization.

Focus Display Solutions (Focus LCDs) has supported customers with custom LCD modules from automotive, medical and test equipment to industrial applications. Whether your design requires a small LCD, or a fully customized LCD module, our experienced technical customer support can assist you in designing your custom display.

  • They can be seen on products ranging from gas pumps and thermometers, to aviation and test/medical equipment.
  • Why choose a segment for new designs?

Many people think segments are a dying breed because they only display numbers, icons, and a few letters — but their popularity is holding.

  • Reasons include: low cost, sunlight readability, low power draw (less than 1mA @ 3.3V), and low custom tooling cost. This results in considerably less tooling cost than for OLEDs and TFTS.
  • As a rule, tooling cost (NRE- Non-Reoccurring Engineering) for segments range from $600 to $4,500, depending on chosen options including: touch screen, heater, SPI/Parallel interface, wide temperature fluid, FPC cable and RGB backlight.
  • The one-time tooling cost includes: design, support and expedited no-cost prototypes.