What LCD Viewing Angle I Need for My Project?

LCD Viewing angle

The LCD viewing angle for LCD’s are described by two terms: 6 o’clock (bottom view) and 12 o’clock (top view). This has nothing to do with time itself, but with what position you are in relation to the monitor (LCD)… the position being the center of the clock and viewer position represented by the corresponding clock face numeral position.You can get other viewing angles such as 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock but these are special order!

The majority of displays we sell are 6:00 view. These displays are best viewed when sitting or when standing with the LCD positioned even or above your head. (see photo below).

There is no cost difference between bottom view and top view.

LCD Viewing Angle made simple

Below is image showing the best angle for a 6:00 display. The green area is the sharpest, Yellow next sharpest.

The image below shows the viewing angle for a 12:00 (top view). The green area is the sharpest, Yellow next sharpest

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