Why do some Tech-companies hide their support phone number?

Why is it that companies spend untold $$$ on Advertising, Marketing, and Branding for high tech products and then hide their phone number? Is this a new business model: ‘Thank you for buying our product, now go away’?

Sometimes, they hide it so well, that even Google strikes out.

Last week I spent over $1K to purchase a major, name brand camera system (their name shall remain anonymous to protect my pocket book from a law-suit). The system was easy to install, but it had glitches. I tried and tried to locate a phone number for support, but struck out. Their online chat was always “off line”. I resorted to the FAQs, but they listed nothing close to the problem I was experiencing. So, the system goes back to the store.

I bet the problem had a very simple fix. But the company had invested heavily in stealth instead of an 800 number or an online chat that was actually “on-line”.

Is hiding phone numbers the way of the future for design engineers?

Maybe this is what the next generation of design engineers wants? Maybe they don’t want to talk to a human or online-chat. Maybe when it’s time to interface a TFT or custom LCD solution, all they want is a few reference designs and to be left alone.

Is this what the younger generation wants?

What are your thoughts? Is customer and design support, via human interface, slowly dying off? At our company, we push hard to answer the phone on the first ring and reply to emails within the hour. Should we look to disconnect our phone?

Oh, by the way, our phone number is 480-503-4295 or feel free to reach out via our contact us form!

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