Character LCD with Headers | Case Study

Case Study: Character LCD with Headers

Customer requirements: Replacement LCD matching their current character LCD with headers. This customer currently uses a 16×2 STN Yellow/green character LCD module with two headers on the back of the PCB. The customer’s previous LCD supplier had discontinued this series of LCD modules leaving this customer without a supply source.


This particular 16×2 character LCD with headers contained “two” non-standard headers located on the back of the PCB module. The position of the headers did not meet the industry standard placement of a 7×2 header and the 3×1 header. This would require a customized LCD module with modified traces on the PCB and a custom bezel.

The cost to the customer to modify their case for a different LCD solution would have been too cost prohibitive. The other major concern is that the customers warranty department wanted to make sure they have spare LCD modules to repair units that are out in the field.

Customer’s Delivery Requirements

Focus Display Solutions worked with the customer’s Engineering, Purchasing and Manufacturing departments to help create a custom solution to meet their needs. The total cost to the customer to redesign a character LCD with headers to be a direct, drop-in equivalent came in around $3,000 USD. The customer was able to receive samples within 5 to 6 weeks from the first phone call to us. Note: To reduce development time we bring in all samples and production LCD modules via UPS/Fed Ex air.

The unit cost of the 16×2 character LCD with headers came in less than what they were paying their original supplier, this helped to amortize the cost of the tooling.

Production Flow

Understanding our customer’s LCD display requirements and deadlines are important in deploying a production strategy that allows for cost-effective and efficient manufacturing of their product. They were able to carry on with the production of their product without a major design overhaul.

Focus Display Solutions plays an integrated role in our OEM customer’s supply chain by providing proactive support throughout the product life cycle. Focus LCDs provides design assistance, process flow, US based inventory solutions and shipment of the customers LCD modules.

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