FocusLCDs.com offers non-RoHS LCD display modules

Editors Note: FocusLCDs does not carry any stock of non-RoHS solder products, but we can have them made for applications requiring them. If you have questions about non-RoHS solder products, please contact us today!

Focus Displays is still able to build LCD display modules using non-RoHS solder. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances and regulates the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic equipment. The RoHS standard is fully implemented in Europe, with lesser restrictions applying in the United States.

RoHS has been in effect for a few years. Its goal is to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals including Cadmium, Mercury and Hexavalent that are used in electronic products. Lead was one of the primary products in electronics that was targeted by RoHS.

What does the future hold for ROHS solder used on LCD display modules?

That is a question that many customers of LCD’s are asking. What are we going to do if the solder starts to fail 5 years after their product is in the field? What happens when a solder joint is moved from cold to hot and then back to cold? Will the expanding and contracting of the solder connect crack?

Lead has been used in solder for many years. The question many people are asking is if the Lead-Free solder will fail over time. That is the reason that many industries such as military, aviation and some medical are not making the move to lead-free solder.

There is a belief that solder used in electronics that meets ROHS requirements will begin to crack and fail after a few years. At this time it is still too early to tell since many of these products have not been out in the field but for a few years.

There may be a slight increase in cost and lead time of the LCD panel. As of this writing the MOQ’s for LCD display modules are not very high, but look for this to change. The reason for the MOQ is the time necessary for the LCD assembly line to switch from Lead-free to leaded solder. The factory does not want to stop and modify a production line for 50 or 100 displays.

If you have questions about non-RoHS LCDs, contact us today!