FSC LCD Display Technology | Custom Color LCD

The FSC LCD display technology is the newest custom LCD display technology. This new custom color LCD technology allows the customer to design a color LCD display with minimal tooling cost.

The video above can be helpful in explaining this newest technology.

You simply supplies us with a sketch or drawing showing the dimensions of the glass and the icons you wishes to have on the display. Or you can call FocusLCDs.com @ 480-503-4295 for engineering support to help in design creation.

The display can be in positive mode or negative mode with each segment displaying in any of seven colors. The standard colors include red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple with a black or white background. This color LCD module provides the user with a parallel or serial interface. It is designed to provide product manufactures with the following advantages:

  • Lower cost than older TFT and CSTN color display technologies
    • Note: CSTN has been phased out
  • Contrast (sharpness) that is twice that of TFT technology
  • Response time that is 10x faster than TFT and 30x faster than STN displays
  • Estimated tooling cost is less than 80% that of TFT modules
  • Lower power requirements than a LED display
  • Operating temperature range of 0C to +70C
    • It is possible to add a heater for ultra-cold temperatures
  • Short lead-time

The color ” FSC LCD display”, also identified as a Field Sequential Display, allows OEM’s the ability to design the customer interface around the LCD module. In the past, manufacturers have been forced to design their product around the display. With the FSC technology, the LCD module is built to the size you need.

Do All FSC Color LCD Modules Come With 7 Colors?

FSC LCD Display Technology provides all seven colors in each display. You do not need to pre-order the color you need. The color of the display is changed through the customer’s software. That is one of the great advantages of the FSC LCD display.

Another advantage of the display is the increased contrast ratio. The contrast ratio of this customized LCD display is 2x that of a TFT. The FSC display is custom built according to your drawings. There is no need to design your product around an off-the-shelf display. You design the custom color module around your product.

We do offer demo boards for the FSC LCD and EBT display (Excellent Black Technology).

Microcontroller or MPU for a FSC LCD Display

Atmel has three options to drive your FS color display module. There are basically three devices (just different memory capacities).

  • ATMEGA169P-15AT (pico power, 16k flash)
  • ATMEGA329P-20AN (pico power, 32k flash)
  • ATMEGA329P-20AN (pico power, 32k flash)

Atmel also offers a website with application notes for using the LCD interface. http://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/product_docs.asp

(Editors note: Atmel was purchased by Microchip Technology in 2016)

A second LCD driver option for your Field Sequential color LCD is the MSP430FG4619IZQW offered by Texas Instruments.

Below is a link to the TI web site for 16-Bit Ultra-Low Power MSP430™ Microcontrollers. http://focus.ti.com/paramsearch/docs/parametricsearch.tsp?sectionId=95&tabId=1200&familyId=342&family=mcu

The FSC LCD uses the GPLD94160 controller. The General Plus controller data sheet can be found on our website.

Do FSC LCD Modules Contain a Booster Circuit?

One downside to this technology is the need for a built-in booster circuit. The purpose of this additional circuit is to provide the necessary voltage to drive this display. OEM’s in certain industries cannot have this circuit for safety reasons.


  • Contrast ratio provides sharpness for the FSC.
    • The FSC offers a contrast ratio that is 2x that of a TFT (Thin film transistor)
  • The FSC is customized to meet the customer’s requirements.
    • FSC can be customized with a lower MOQ (minimum order quantity) than custom TFT’s and an affordable tooling fee.


  • Limited size at this time.

About Focus Display Solutions:

Focus Display Solutions plays an integrated role in our OEM customer’s supply chain by providing proactive support throughout the product lifecycle. Focus Display Solutions provides design assistance with custom LCD modules, process flow, US based inventory solutions, and shipment of the customers LCD modules. This includes both color modules, and monochrome LCD modules such as FSTN, STN, TN.

Focus Display is located in Chandler, AZ and has been supporting OEM manufacturers for over twelve years.