LCD Displays for OEMs

It was the best of designs, it was the worst of designs.

Focus Display’s business model has always been to supply LCD products and touch screen solutions used in industrial, commercial, and OEM applications.

What is an OEM?

“OEM” stands for original equipment manufacturer. They are companies that build a product to be sold to consumers, commercial, military etc. Non-OEMs are companies that repair or provide value added services. 

We know that design engineers bear the weight of new product development. This is always the case whether they work for a large OEM, are in a supporting role for a contract manufacturer, or are a one-person design house working out of their garage. They all must turn profitable designs quickly. Sure, marketing may develop ideas for new products, but it is the design engineers that move the idea from concept to prototype to beta version and then to production before handing it all to purchasing. 

And those are the people that Focus LCDs caters to most: The Design Engineer.

What do design engineers want in an LCD supplier?

That is the $64,000 question: What does a design engineer want and need when choosing an LCD for their new design? 

Unlike hobbyists, design engineers need to choose the best LCD technology for their new product. They need an LCD technology that will offer the best performance, at the lowest cost and probably most important of all: a technology that will not become obsolete in the next few months or even years. 

There are several Liquid Crystal Display technologies available including: 

  • OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD Module
  • Monochrome Segment/Graphic/Character LCD module.

Added to this list are all the available options for each LCD including: touch panels, heaters, headers, bright backlights, and customer specified interfaces to name a few. Every LCD technology can be modified in one way or another to meet the customer’s requirements. 

That is why we have structured our web page and business model to focus entirely on the needs of design engineers and their unique needs including:

  • Full data sheets
    • Including interface, controller/driver, backlight configuration
  • Source code
  • Samples in stock with expedited shipping options from Chandler, Arizona
  • US based tech support
    • We pride ourselves on picking up the phone on the first ring
    • No one wants to be put on hold or routed through a voice mail system
  • ISO 9001: 2015 approval
    • Reduces the probability of a downed production line
  • Lower cost and long-term availability
  • Ability to turn a custom LCD design quickly

OEMs need long term availability of their chosen LCD

OEM engineers need displays that will be available for several years, not overstock units with short term availability. No manufacturer wants to design displays that will be discontinued before their product goes into production.

They need an LCD supplier that can supply low, mid, and high-volume quantities of both standard and custom LCD modules.

Our goal is to respond to design engineers the same day they contact us, so we can quickly locate and provide the optimum, low-cost LCD technology for their new design.

Focus LCDs = LCDs made simple®