Need a small LCD? Try a custom Segment display

Custom Segment display, aka Custom static LCDs are a popular option for many customers that require a low cost, fully customizable LCD Display.

There are several reasons for the popularity of a customized segment display, including low tooling cost and reduced Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s), but what seems to be the most popular reason for its popularity is the ability to manufacture ultra-small LCD display modules using this technology.

Custom static LCD Displays make excellent small LCDs

When your design requires a small LCD module, custom segment displays are a great option. They can be manufactured as small as 400 square millimeters. (20mm by 20mm)

The size of the glass used on the custom display is the main cost driver; the larger the glass size, the higher the cost. Unfortunately this rule does not hold for very small LCD Displays. As the size of the glass decreases, it reaches a threshold where the cost begins to increase.

Ultra-small custom LCDs do not equate to ultra-low prices

The increase in cost for very small LCD’s is due to the manufacturing process. Tiny displays can no longer be assembled by automation, but need to be manufactured by hand. The increased labor not only raises the unit cost and the MOQ, but in some cases may increase the fall out rate of Custom LCD Displays.

Minimum distance between the icon and edge of glass?

The smaller the size of the glass, the less room available for the pins (connections). Try to allow a minimum of 2mm distance between the top of the segment and the edge of the glass.