Unique sizes and ultra small Custom LCD display modules

Thinking of incorporating small LCDs or specialty shaped custom static LCD displays? There is an element you need to be aware of. Using a nonstandard shape or implementing a smaller display may increase the production cost of your custom LCD display module.

Small custom LCD Modules in this article are represented by having dimensions with an area [Width times Height] smaller than 400 millimeters squared. The reason for the higher cost of these units is taken from the fact that only a portion of the LCD production process is automated. The cutting of the glass is mechanized and can easily be repeated for smaller sized cuts; however, the polarizer, which is applied to the back of the LCD, must be applied by hand and requires delicate, labor intensive skill. This makes for higher labor costs and decreased production line efficiency for each small custom LCD display. Smaller displays are still available, but customers should be prepared to pay a higher price for the production of their unique design.

Likewise, if you need specialty shape cuts, expect slightly increased costs. Manufacturing uses an original sheet of glass, approximately 396mm by 345mm, to cut out the smaller ITO glass pieces for each individual LCD. The increased cost arises from the amount of glass wasted in between cuts. For example, the waste generated from cutting a circle out of an original square shape. The corners left over by this cut are unusable in the creation of additional circle displays.

Currently though, specialty shapes are only available using Twisted Nematic (TN) or High Twisted Nematic (HTN) fluid types. This excludes the Super-Twisted Nematic (STN) fluid type; however, with technology constantly improving, units with STN fluid may be a possibility soon.

Increased costs are a given when you are looking to design and build small custom LCD displays. With changing technology and greater specializations of technology, the factories efficiency for customized LCDs will continue to improve. Slowly the prices for today’s smaller LCDs and specialty cut displays should decrease as customers continue to look for smaller and more flexible custom LCDs to distinguish their products from their competitors.

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