Small Graphic LCD Display | Monochrome Module

Small Graphic LCD Displays for new designs

Small graphic LCD Displays are growing in popularity for new product designs for a variety of reasons including:

  • The ability to display graphics, characters and icons through software
  • Low power consumption
  • Thin profile
  • No need for a negative reference voltage

Focus LCDs smallest graphic LCD

One of the most popular small graphic LCD display that Focus offers in stock is the 128×32 COG. (see above picture)


  • SPI interface
    • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) bus allows for quick programing and fewer connection points than a parallel interface
    • SPI is support by most microcontroller suppliers
  • 3.3 Volt input
    • Great for battery powered products
    • Can be powered by two ‘AA’ batteries
  • Less than 2” in the X (horizontal) and 1” in the Y (vertical) directions
  • FSTN
    • FSTN (Film Super-twisted nematic) allows the widest viewing angle while displaying the sharpest contrast.
  • In stock and can order the same day you contact Focus.
  • Low Cost
  • 128×32 dot resolution:
    • There are 128 dots per row and 32 rows for a total of 4,096 dots
    • Each dot can be individually addressed and turned on and off independently through the use of software
  • Built in controller/driver
    • Controller/driver makes it easy to program the module
  • COG
    • COG (Chip On Glass) means that the attached controller chip is attached to the LCD glass itself
    • This removes the need for a PCB (printed circuit board)
    • COGs require less power, are thinner and lower cost.

Products that use a Small Graphic LCD Display

Handheld and battery powered product suppliers are requesting this small graphic LCD display since it can present a great deal of information in a small space.

Do you have questions about a design for your next product? Contact Focus LCDs today for support and samples at 480-503-4295.