Ultra Small 16×2 Character LCD Module

Ultra small 16×2 LCD now available

To meet the need for low-power, ultra small 16×2 character LCD modules, Focus displays has released an ultra small version of the16×2 LCD module as a standard display. This modules displays two rows of sixteen characters at a time (for a total of 32 characters). Entire sentences can be display by scrolling the words across the screen to display all the information necessary.

The FDS16x2(45×20)DBC is less than two inches in the horizontal (X-direction) and under one inch in the vertical (Y-direction) and draws less than 1mA when the backlight is off.

Note: As a general rule, LED backlights draw 10 times more current/power than the LCD alone draws. If your product needs to be readable at night, set a timer to turn the backlight off after just a few seconds.

Replacement character LCD

The Focus display is equivalent to the ultra small 16×2 MDLS 16263 LCD manufactured by Varitronix. This is also an equivalent display to the Mouse Electronics 1531117 LCD series.

This is a STN (supertwist with the option of LED backlight). It is available in wide or normal temp and two viewing angles.

Available options for the ultra small 16×2 LCD

It is possible to build this with a variety of backlight and background colors including: yellow/green, blue/white and black/white.

If your product is used in the outdoors, we recommend a wide temperature fluid to allow operation in very cold, and extremely high temperatures.

Ultra small 16×2 Character LCD Module

One of the best parts of this job (besides the free coffee and no covered parking), is the variety of unique design projects requiring a liquid crystal display that people bring to us. As I sip on my coffee, I realize there is a popular trend to design and build smaller, low-powered products that require an ultra-small 16×2 character LCD for use in such products as the Fitbit ®. Small, portable products not only require smaller LCDs, but also ultra-low power drain since they run on batteries. As a general rule, any LCD technology that draws more than a few milliamps (mA) will not work for a product that is disconnected from a power cord.

One of the most common LCD technologies for small size, low-power products is the character LCD module.

Back of FocusLCDs character LCD showing controller/driver chips used to convert customer’s software to letters and numbers. This type of display is popular because it contains an on-board controller/driver that make it easy to program. The controller contains a built in character table that easily converts the user’s firmware to any letter, number or punctuation mark.

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