What’s the fuss about FOB when ordering LCD modules?

FOB is short for Free On Board or Freight On Board. In other words, who pays the freight from the factory to you?

We offer three options.

  1. F.O.B. Origin: This term means that the customer is responsible for the international and domestic shipping on the product from the origin (the location of manufacture) to their dock.
  2. F.O.B. Ship point: This means that the customer is responsible for the shipping from our (Focus) warehouse in Mesa, AZ to their dock.
  3. F.O.B. Destination: This means that Focus is responsible for all shipping costs from the manufacturer to the end customer’s dock.

So what is the best option? At Focus Display Solutions we recommend option 2, FOB ship point. This allows the customer to ship from AZ to their location on either their UPS, Fed Ex account or on the Focus UPS account.

Our character and static LCD display modules are not as large as TFT liquid crystal displays.

Segment displays (static displays or glass displays), 7 (seven) segment, 14 (fourteen) segment and 16 (sixteen) segments are smaller and less expensive to ship then Alphanumeric LCD displays (aka: Character LCD’s).

The smaller character displays such as 8×1 LCD display, 8×2 LCD display, 16×1 LCD display, 16×2 LCD display, 16×4 LCD display are less expensive to ship than the 20×2 LCD display, 20×4 LCD display, 24×2 LCD display, 40×1 LCD display, 40×2 LCD display, 40×4 LCD display.

In an effort to reduce your lead time, we ship all LCD Display modules, both prototype samples and production, via FedEx air. We do not ship any LCD Displays via boat, which could add weeks to your delivery date. This allows us to receive product from China to the US in an estimated seventy two hours.

Shipping Fed-Ex air is our standard policy all year and not just during holiday seasons. This allows us to hold a six week lead time for LCD prototype samples and seven week lead time for production orders.

We take the lead time of LCDs very seriously; one of the quickest ways for our customers to lose profit is when their manufacturing line down due to a late delivery from us. That is why in the month of October and November, we strongly encourage our customers to order their product three to four weeks early. Focus Displays will hold LCD Display inventory in the US and can ship out the same day you call.

If you have questions about shipping or LCD lead times, contact us today!