Largest / Smallest Sizes for Segment LCD Display Custom Panel

What are the largest and the smallest sizes for segment LCD display custom panels that can be manufactured? This is a common question we receive from customers who are searching for a custom segment LCD Display.

LCD display custom module: What is the largest possible size?

The largest custom static LCD display module we are able to manufacture is 345mm x 396mm (or 13.8” by 15.8”).

Large custom LCD panels are popular in such products as:

  • Electronic price tags
  • Displays signs used in airports, bus and train stations.
  • Measuring scales that need to be seen from a great distance away.

I have even seen a large customized display utilized in a Church to notify parents when they need to come to the nursery and pick up their child.

LCD display custom module: What is the smallest possible size?

There is a greater demand for a small or even ultra-small custom LCD Display module. As a general rule the larger size of the glass, the more expensive the cost of the display. So you think that as the display size shrinks, the cost would decrease. This is true to a point. When you move into the territory of ultra-small custom segment displays, 400 square millimeters or smaller, the cost begins to increase. The reason for the increase in cost is that mini displays are assembled by hand and not by machine. This increases not only labor cost, but the fall-out rate.

Small LCD display custom sizes are popular in such products as

  • Thermometers
  • MP3 players
  • Pens

The lowest power LCD display technology available is the newer Bistable LCD Display technology. The down side is their high tooling and unit cost. Many customers are not willing to make the investment. Segment displays are a good alternative option and are growing in popularity with many manufactures.

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